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Acknowledgements of project contributors, advisors, sources for project materials, and related projects.


Derrida’s Margins was built by a large team, with each member bringing their own experience and expertise to the scholarly and creative process.

  • Katie Chenoweth (Assistant Professor, French and Italian), Project Director
  • Alexander Baron-Raiffe (Graduate Student, French and Italian), Project Manager
  • Rebecca Sutton Koeser (Lead Developer, CDH), Technical Lead
  • Rebecca Munson (Project Designer, CDH), Project Designer
  • Xinyi Li (User Experience Designer, CDH), UX and Graphics Designer
  • Jean Bauer (Research Director, CDH), Database Designer
  • Benjamin Hicks (DH Developer, CDH), Web Developer
  • Kevin Glover (Independent Contractor), Web Developer
  • Nick Budak (DH Developer, CDH), Web Developer
  • Renée Altergott
  • Chad Córdova
  • Austin Hancock
  • Chloé Vettier
  • Jin Chow
  • Elise Freeman
  • Madeleine Marr
  • Jianing Zhao

Project Advisors

  • Avital Ronell
  • Eduardo Cadava
  • Geoffrey Bennington

Site visuals

Site logo and banner images for the home page, Library, References, and Interventions pages were designed by Xinyi Li.


All images of the books and inserted paraphernalia of Derrida’s personal library were taken by Jordan Hebert, Princeton University Library Digital Imaging Studio (Library Information Technology and Digital Services).

Images of Derrida’s home and studio shelves were provided by Princeton University Library.


The following people made this project possible by facilitating Princeton’s purchase of Jacques Derrida’s personalj library.

  • Karin Trainer, University Librarian from 1996 to 2016
  • John Logan, Literature Bibliographer

The following people provided critical information and support to the project team

  • Regine Heberlein, Principal Cataloger & Metadata Analyst, Cataloging, Archival, and Metadata Services, Library Information Technology and Metadata Services 
  • Jon Stroop, Director of Library Information Technology and Digital Services
  • Esmé Cowles, Digital Infrastructure Developer, Library Information Technology and Metadata Services

Special thanks to Wesley D. Markham, Assistant University Counsel in the in Office of the General Counsel for his sage and timely advice, without which this project could never have appeared on the web.

Partner Organizations

Derrida’s Margins was developed in close collaboration with the Princeton University Library, especially the Digital Repository and Discovery Services, the Cataloguing and Metadata Services, and Rare Books and Special Collections. Derrida’s Margins has two sibling projects also being developed in the Princeton University Library: an LD4P Project working on items with personal dedications addressed to Derrida and the Derrida’s Seminars Project (in partnership with University of California Irvine and IMEC).